Kidvy - Child Development Report AppKidvy - Child Development Report App

Bye-bye time-consuming paper reports.

At Kidvy, we know how important is to keep parents informed about their child's daily activities and learning development. This is why we have automated all reports - so you can save time and trees!
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Automated daily reports

As soon as a student's is checked-out, an automated daily report is magically delivered to the parent's inbox!
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In the daily report, parents can see and keep track of the learning skills that were worked on during the day at the preschool or kindergarten.

Kidvy - Daycare Automated Report

The daily report provides an overview of the child’s day for parents, including what the kid ate, nap times, bathroom breaks and kudos!

Fully automated
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The daily reports are generated automatically so you don't have to complete any extra paperwork. Simply check-out students and the report will be sent to parent's email.

Development Overview

The Development Overview is an automated progress report shared automatically every month with parents. It provides a comprehensive view of the child's learning development throughout the school year. The report assesses the 6 learning dimensions of childhood education and presents the kid's progress and strengths in an easy to read graph.
Kidvy - Child Development Report

Internal reports

Reporting and data are crucial for any business - and childcare centres are not the exception. From the admin portal, school owners and directors can easily generate and export reports based on specific variables. All data and records are fully protected and can only be access by the administrator, making Kidvy the best and most secure preschool management software in the industry.

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