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Create a healthy learning environment for children and parents — from class management to real-time parent communication, all in-one secured preschool management software.

Better appreciation of educators’ hard work.

We want YOU to show the value you add to your pupils’ development and wellbeing, all in the palm of one hand and in a way your day is over when the last of your proteges checks-out.
Best Daycare Parent Communication App

Streamlined processes & reports.

Do not spend hours creating time-consuming paper reports and attendance sheets. Now everything is generated and automated to for you.
Best Preschool Parent Communication App

Increase parent's satisfaction & enrolment.

Foster parent communication and engagement by sharing updates and development milestones in real-time, not only to the parents but also their family members.
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Peace of mind — all your data is protected.

You care about your pupils safety and security, so do we. Kidvy App was designed from day 1 to be safe and secure. You need not to worry about a misplaced child’s photo, a lost phone or misspelled child’s info. We have you covered.
Best Preschool Management Software

Intuitive, secured, and feature-packed.
One simple place for all the tools that you need

Instant Parent Communication

Parents can easily reach the teachers and admins to discuss their child’s development using the direct, private messaging feature.

Contactless Attendance Registration

The app allows parents to check-in and check out their children by scanning their unique QR code or manually.

Secured Daily Activity Sharing

Create records of sleep times, meals, toilet visits, diaper changes, moods, and other daily activities, that only parents can see and save on their devices.

Comprehensive Learning Assessment

The automated Overview Development report provides a monthly assessment of the child's learning development for parents and educators.

Automated Reports

Daily reports are automatically sent to parents' email at the end of everyday - so they can be fully informed about their kids' daily activities.

Authorized Pickups

With Kidvy, parents' can easily create one-time authorize pickups by generating one-time use QR codes that can be scanned at the daycare.

Unlimited Staff & Rooms

Create your school period, groups and classes to meet your needs. Add unlimited instructor and staff accounts to your childcare center.

Medication Reminders

Kidvy conveniently reminds you of any medication a kid must take. Simply confirm or snooze the reminder until you are able to give the medication.

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