Best practices to have a reliable daycare center

Parenthood has never been an easy task especially when it comes to comparing the responsibilities it brings along with childcare and early education during early years. Researches claim that the first 6 years of a child’s life lay the foundation for setting up and achieving the milestones associated with that particular age group. This is the best time to focus on future skills for child development. In comparison with any other phase of life, a child’s brain till the age of 6, is like a sponge that absorbs the maximum information from the world around. This time frame is the most happening phase to impact the social and emotional health of the child. The quality of the child’s early experiences can leave a lifelong impact on brain development, not only for quality early education but also for future-readiness skills.

Daycare providers are a good alternative to facilitate the parents for assisting in childcare and preschool skills where some elderly support is not present. The effects of daycare on child development have been well-researched and continue to present similar findings over many years and countries. Deciding to enroll your child into a daycare is packed with concerns and guilty thoughts. However, outweighing the benefits of good daycare providers can surely scale down the worries of many parents especially when it comes to benefitting a toddler for early education through caring staff and modern daycare equipped with both blended and digital learning experiences.

Daycares usually tend to provide all-day services, including meals, naps, educational activities, before- and after-school care, and so on. But to choose a daycare being parents or aim at quality assurance being the daycare providers, definitely arises the question: “What features make a daycare a reliable and quality daycare?” 

Along with the boom in IT, the infrastructure of daycare centers has also been reformed. Modern daycares are not only loaded with traditional practices but are also equipped with modern IT tools. Let us find out some features which can make your daycare more attractive, modern, and updated along with its traditional practices. Let us explore:

Childcare management

Childcare management ensures that the quality of all the services related to the daycare target meets the set criteria. For the parents, it is important to consider interacting with the whole team of the daycare for the safety of their child.

Right from the parent’s first visit, to providing the closing practices to the child and parents, all the hierarchy is to be considered for quality assurance. It has to be steady enough to ensure that staff adheres to nursery policies, objectives, and code of conduct. 

Reliable childcare management will consider:

  • Hire Best Team
  • Hygiene and Safety Measures
  • Create Operational Handbook


Parent communication

A good child care center and its providers will need to adopt flexible parent communication strategies and go the extra mile to meet the needs of parents.

Centers should promote communication channels with easy access for each family and should communicate via the platform of their choice. Centers can also ask families:

  • how often do they like to receive communications? 
  • which types of communication are the most important to them?
  • why they might prefer one medium over another?

Communication with parents having limited resources: 

Heading towards the digital trends, families having lesser access to the IT tools may face challenges while receiving timely communication from the daycare. To sort out this issue, the daycare should design and carry on with some traditional practices like:

  • Accessing parents through phone calls and timely reporting
  • Arranging parent meetings for setting up common goals, milestones and discussing the progress of the child
  • Sending important messages and newsletters home with kids

Digital & IT Solutions

In some situations, direct communication with parents becomes challenging just like that of the coronavirus pandemic, when policies and procedures will result in fewer opportunities for face-to-face communication. Child care centers must plan for an alternative operational plan by molding their communication strategies to other resources.

To stay connected with all the families in all possible circumstances, daycare providers must engage and communicate with parents through the following resources:

  1. Text Messaging 
  2. Social Media Platforms
  3. Preschool Apps 
  4. Child care Apps & Daycare Management Software

1. Text Messaging:

It is always a good idea to stay in touch with the parents through text messages. Benefiting from the advance and updated IT tools, nowadays it is even easier for the Daycare Centers to communicate with the parents and stay in touch with them by providing all solutions with a single click. In connection with providing the parents with all necessary updates Daycare Center management can send:

  • updates about new enrolments
  • new programs and offerings 
  • deals and discounts
  • any information that makes their daycare unique and reliable

2. Social Media Platforms: 

Picking the most suitable platform for your daycare, like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Pinterest, etc. has been a great help to connect the Daycare management and the parents, and to share all pictures, videos, and other personal data publically. But there is always a sense of insecurity in parents’ minds regarding their child’s privacy. With the help of modernized salient features, the Daycares can switch to individualized cloud storage along with secure privacy settings for individual child’s data. Daycare can use these platforms to:

  • connect to enrollees’ families 
  • post important pictures, videos, or updates
  • target the audience for marketing purposes. 
  • store and secure individual data on cloud
  • make all data accessible to parents privately 

3. Preschool Apps: 

Using beneficial preschool apps can enhance the quality of learning in a daycare learning atmosphere. Good educational gaming apps aim to:

  • prepare school readiness skills
  • build hand-eye coordination
  • assist their early learning, 
  • help them grow cognitively
  • sharpen their fine motor skills

4. Child care Apps & Management Software

Digital media is offering new learning applications and software every single day. These useful tools facilitate the daycare centers for open communication with families and enable contactless operation of your daycare center like:

  • Sign In-Out of Children and Staff
  • Child scheduling and attendance
  • Authorized pick up persons
  • Staff scheduling
  • Child immunizations
  • Emergency contacts
  • Photos of children or pick up persons
  • Waiting list management
  • Student meal counts

All these features and tools are worthy to be practiced for elevating a daycare to the parent’s satisfaction level by offering them an experience for early education of their toddler or child. The parents will rely upon the daycare management for a safe and calm atmosphere where timely solutions are provided to their queries and necessary steps are taken to nourish their child’s physical, social and cognitive skills in a homelike place that is safe, healthy, and up to date for child development. Good Luck! 

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