Adaptation to the Post-pandemic Preschool

Making the decision to send your child to a daycare or preschool requires serious consideration, not just because it might be the first time your child spends a significant amount of time away from home, but because of the profound effect that daycare can have on early education and overall development. COVID-19 has undoubtedly been the toughest phase for the early education sector in particular. During and after the COVID-19, early education and pre-schooling have been severely affected to keep up their journey towards sustainable child development in social, emotional, and academic skills because:


  • The parents had to juggle with full-time childcare routine compromising their work schedules
  • The young learners had to suffer from emotional trauma and social disconnection staying away from their friends
  • The nurseries and daycare providers had to bear the financial and structural loss built over the decades

Major Challenges for adapting Daycares and Preschools after COVID19

The biggest of all these challenges is the revival of early education, adapting the pre-schooling structure and transitioning it back to normal while carrying along with the post-pandemic challenges. Not only this is a hard time for the daycare providers, preschool management, but also for the parents, preschoolers, and above all, for the whole circle to survive, revive and get back to normal.

Here are five emerging challenges for both the parties, the parents and the daycare providers, let us have a look:

  1. Parental Communication
  2. Physical Health Care and Medical Record
  3. Learning Environment
  4. Managing Social Distance
  5. Separation Anxiety
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1. Parental Communication:

It is very difficult for the childcare management to have contactless and early collaboration with the parents after the pandemic is settled even, the threat for recurrence and the sop’s instructions are still on the minds.  The main three challenges are to:

  • hold face-to-face parent meetings
  • share common goals
  • achieve milestones by mutual communication.

2. Physical Health Care and Medical Record:

Imposing new medical implications and adapting all settings to new customs for physical health is indeed the greatest challenge of all. It is not easy to:

  • track records of vaccinations
  • manage health updates
  • keep track of individual children like taking temperatures etc.
  • correspond to parents about health issues

 With strict guidelines from the authorities, the daycares have to make an authentic and trusted resource to maintain all the medical information of the children and staff as well. 

3. Learning Environment:

Another challenge for early childhood education  and childcare management is the revival of the learning environment. It is again a challenge to:

  • manage homesickness and separation anxiety
  • create a secure, enjoyable, and stimulating environment for the learners
  • adapt according to new norms
  • provide them with uninterrupted regular learning.

Due to repeated lockdowns, the children are having learning gaps and it has really affected their development process.

4. Managing Social Distance:

Daycare providers have taken many measures for the sitting plan of children and other indoor settings. But apart from this, it is hard to:

  • manage SOPs and classrooms while recurrence of a pandemic is expected
  • avoiding gathering on daycare gates at the time of pick and drop
  • meeting the parents physically on a more frequent basis

Parents or the pickup persons usually are in a hurry to pick the child and this thing sometimes social distance practices are neglected somehow. Careful planning is needed on the part of daycare management to manage social distance and follow the safety guidelines.


Solutions to adapt and revive daycares in post-pandemic situations


The recent wave of the global pandemic has not only left the early education sector with irreversible side effects. It has taught educators, daycare providers, and childcare management to pave new ways to cope with the post-pandemic situation. Haaah!......Thanks to the booming technology which is thriving to handle these challenges by providing digital solutions to all these problems and challenges. It is now inevitable for the stakeholders to upgrade and equip it with IT-integrated experiences.

 Let us learn what IT offers us and how the updated daycare apps and software can help daycares to find the solutions for the above-mentioned challenges:

1. Through Daycare software and apps, daycares can connect with the parents through a single click. Other useful features are:

✅ Open parent communication through contactless operations

✅ Digitally connect to enrollees’ families

✅ Post important pictures, videos, or updates

✅ Store and secure individual data on the cloud,

✅  Make all data accessible to parents privately


2. With the help of daycare apps and software the childcare management can adhere to practice health and safety measures by maintaining distance by:

✅ Maintaining medical updates

✅ Medication reminders

✅ Child immunizations

✅ Emergency contacts

✅ Maintain all necessary medical records of the families and the enrollee.

It is quite easy to manage all this with a single click with the help of preschool apps so that it would be easy to manage the situation in case of an emergency.


3. Daycare providers can easily shift to using new learning preschool apps and daycare software to carry on with the daily learning routines and skill development. They can continue their learning process through:

✅ Virtual classrooms

✅ Automated daily lesson plans

✅ Sharing daily reports with families in real-time


4. With the swift transition to distance learning and teaching, educational technology aims to reduce face-to-face parents’ meetings and physical contact at the time of rush hours.  It has never been easier before to manage social distance since the new apps and software offer matchless features like:

✅ Photos of children and authorized pick-up persons

✅ QR code scanning for contactless pickup and drop-off of the children

✅ the GPS feature to manage social distance even more by indicating the expected arrival of the pickup person to avoid crowds at the door.

This is how, by upgrading the daycares digitally, re-shaping the infrastructure, and improving the competencies for the early education sector, daycare centers can provide much-needed emotional support and learning opportunities for children and relax their parents by adhering to rapidly growing technology for childcare services for parents returning to work. Although all challenges mentioned above persist, by switching to the updated IT trends, daycare software, and childcare apps, both the parents and daycare providers can revive the nurturing environment of the daycares and preschools by rebuilding the post-pandemic early childhood education.

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